Youth ministry

Led by a senior pastor and two youth pastors, our youth ministry develops programs that engage the community; it teaches great lessons on citizenship, leadership, faith, family structure and the arts. It also fosters a movement of young people who love God, love people and influence the world. We invite you to join the established youth and passionate and growing young adult communities from both Adonai locations.


Our programs are designed to help you learn more about your unique personality and how you fit in God's kingdom and in this world He still loves. There is greatness within you that others are waiting to meet!


Each person in the world has a talent, skill, resource or perspective that is designed by God to be helpful to someone else. Come interact within the safe and structured confines of the Adonai community.

We've got all of you covered

With our Biblical approach to life and what it means to be who you are, there’s never been a better time for you to understand the design and power of your spirit, soul and body! Join the Youth Ministry and start living a stress-free life.

Your Questions, God's answers

Life comes with an instruction manual but most people haven’t “cracked the code” on how to apply its stories, poems and narratives to their own individual life. We’re here to help!


Yes! Maybe people have called you “the next generation of leaders” but they treated you like you were unimportant today. That’s not how God sees you! Jeremiah 29:11 gives the big picture of how God thinks about you.

No! If you can believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God who wants to save you and has the power to do it; and if you are ready to let Him lead you through the maze of this life, you can be saved today. If someone nearby is versed in ministering Romans 10:9-10, go ahead and ask. Otherwise, simply raise your hand when the “invitation to salvation” is offered the next time you’re in church.

God has a plan specifically for you! He will help you discover it through the inner working of the Holy Spirit especially as you read the Bible. Our youth pastors can help you develop your personal relationship with God and discover the purpose He made you to fulfill. Once you get to know God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you’ll be ready to understand how you should be living–what fits and what doesn’t fit with your special and unique purpose.

“The days of not knowing your purpose and not enjoying your fit are over!”

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